About Parking Jam Escape


Parking Jam Escape is a game of moving cars. The green car is stuck and can't get out. Find a way to move the cars blocking the road and find an exit for it.

Our blue car is on its way to collect gold coins. It needs to go to the bank so that the gold can return to the vault. But it's also difficult when so many cars are blocking its path. You understand your mission, right?

Discover the game

Find the way for the car

In a narrow parking lot. The cars were arranged in a sprawling manner, without any rules. Extremely inconvenient. The only green car can only go in a straight line in the direction of the 2 red arrows. Towards the road with lots of gold coins. Our task is to clear the cars in front so that this blue car can run out.

Features of Parking Jam Escape

  • Small and cute image structure
  • Attractive, harmonious, easy-to-see colors
  • Smooth, attractive sound


An easier operation is to use the mouse to drag the cars back and forth.