About Pop It Master


Pop It Master is a fun arcade game in which you have to click on all the bumps to complete the level and unlock new shapes. It is an addictive game!

The games are simple but bring us moments of relaxation and surprise. In the Pop It Master game, you can experience relaxing feelings with simple mechanics, easy controls, eye-catching graphics, and great effects on many different levels.

In this game, your task is to click all the bumps that are still emerging. You complete the level and move on to the next level when all the bumps are flipped.

In particular, this game has more than 140 levels with different modes and modes. Each mode follows a different theme such as sports, animals, objects, fruits, etc. Choose the mode with your favorite images and join this game right away.

Features of Pop It Master

  • An arcade game for faun
  • Over 140 levels with many different maps
  • Colorful graphics and cool effects

How to control

  • Mouse click.