About Real Drift Multiplayer


Real Drift Multiplayer is high speed racing game. You will admire, and drive high class cars. The beauty of these racing cars is a masterpiece.

You can start with 3 default car colors for you to choose from. It is black, white and yellow. Other colors will cost you a lot to upgrade to the car.

Getting to know the game

Dangerous racetrack

The track is full of twists and turns. Due to the racing terrain, most of the races are in the narrow and winding pass area. It is recommended to start the game with the road in the daytime. When the light is adequate and the road is favorable for your vehicle.

There are 3 maps for you. Day, night, and snowy. The car races on the mountainside, so it is quite difficult to move. You will have to get used to it when there is no track map. Show your skills by drifting on difficult tracks! Multiplayer mode is active.

Continuous practice

The ongoing process builds up in our brain's familiarity. Familiar with controls, familiar with racetracks, and creating virtual maps available in the player's own mind.


Use the mouse to control the game