About Royal Ranch Merge And Collect


Royal Ranch Merge And Collect is a game that grows a garden. Combine nuts together and grow them. Your mission is to create a beautiful garden!

Your work will be started from the most basic step. It's from a tiny seed. From a unique combination through many stages, your garden will become stronger and more beautiful.

Learn the game

Your in-game garden

There will be a tent in the center of the garden. Click on the tent the seeds will appear. Each time a seed appears you will spend a small amount of energy for this seed. Without enough energy, you will not be able to get any seeds. After combining through many stages you will see the first green leaves appear. You will be rewarded for this clever combination.

Continue to combine the leaves we will have the first flowers. Then the flowers can turn into beautiful fruits such as strawberries and other more advanced plants. Work hard to get the garden you want. Good luck!


  • Simple game, suitable for all ages
  • Pictures with fresh, attractive colors
  • Many types of crops transform to create excitement for players


Use the mouse to play the game