About Snail Bob 6: Winter Story


Snail Bob 6: Winter Story will send you on a wintertime trip, so grab your coat. Snail Bob did not expect a ransom note for his Christmas present, but it appears that Grandpa Snail has been abducted. It's time for Bob to put on his winter coat and embark on a brand-new journey. In Bob's sixth quest, you'll explore a collection of breathtaking levels with a winter theme that includes snowy obstacles and freezing traps. Can you assist Snail Bob in resolving the challenging riddles so he can free his grandfather? Be careful not to trip and fall!

Christmas should be a joyful and festive season. a period that you spend with your loved ones and friends. But unusual things usually happen in Snail Bob's life, and this holiday is no exception. You must direct Snail Bob through 25 thrilling levels, just like in the other games in this incredible puzzle-filled series. You must work through a variety of problems on each level to give Snail Bob a safe route. Bob must overcome various obstacles in order to complete each level. Along Bob's trip, there are numerous buttons, levers, and moving platforms. Can you find out how to operate the doors, elevators, and Bob's environment to obstruct the dangerous traps and hungry predators? In addition to these difficult elements, each level also has three hidden stars. To access the mini-games, try to locate and collect every one of them. Keep a watch out for these bonus levels because you can only reach them by collecting all of the stars.

You can accompany Snail Bob on each perilous voyage. He's had a lot of amazing experiences. We have every game in the Snail Bob series available here. Have you played Snail Bob 5: Love Story, Bob's previous adventure?


Hunter Hamster Studios developed Snail Bob 6: Winter Story.


  • There are 25 levels to finish.
  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Puzzles that are fun to solve
  • Activate four additional levels


To interact with the objects positioned throughout each level, use your mouse. Snail Bob can be directed by pressing 1, speeded up by pressing 2 and stopped by pressing the space bar.