About StoryZoo Games


You will be taken to a classroom run by a bear teacher when you play StoryZoo Games online directly from this website. The bear teacher wants to teach the children playing its mini-games lots of important things, and develop their skills, such as having a good memory, being creative, letters, and many more!

StoryZoo Games can be played online for both entertainment and educational purposes.

You are invited to do a variety of things while you are here, including but not limited to the following: paint images with color, using the many colours that are available to you; play a memory game with cards featuring animals, which you have to flip over and match to their pairs; put the letters in the correct order to make the words that name the animals; solve rotating puzzles by rotating the pieces to form the image of an animal; and more.

Because all of the minigames feature animals, playing them allows you to gain a deeper understanding of nature and the fascinating world it possesses, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. What are you holding out for exactly? Get started right away, and don't try to hog all of the good times for yourselves; it would be a smart move to ask some of your buddies to join you in playing this game as well.


Use the mouse.