About Tankwars.io


Tankwars.io is the name of the game, and as you might have guessed, it is a multiplayer online battle arena in which players compete against each other rather than against an artificial intelligence. To succeed in the game, you need to approach it with the mindset that you are competing for something important. Forget about failing; don't even consider the possibility of it. Keep your attention on the struggle, and fight to the very end.

Play Tankwars.io

You have to demonstrate your strength to your adversaries; simply take over their strongholds and don't let them down. Remember that your foes are likely to launch a massive assault on you, and get ready to defend yourself. You have weapons of a high caliber, but so do your enemies, and they have the same arsenal. Are you willing to give up some of your spare time in order to plan out ways to punish enemies as they travel across the game map? Start right away, while other players have not yet gained the essential experience for fighting serious enemies. However, this should not be a problem; after you have finished eliminating the foes, you should make an effort to acquire the cards. They are additional benefits that have the potential to make you more powerful.

You will need to come up with a catchy moniker for your tank before you can play. Hiding behind the stone constructions is a good idea if you're worried about being destroyed. And as a concluding piece of advice, avoid the large tanks and focus on destroying the smaller ones.


  • Arrows denote movement for the vehicle;
  • LMB stands for blasting.