About Tractor Mania


Tractor Mania is a farm game with tractors. We will transport agricultural products to the destination. You can become a more professional delivery shipper.

How to play Tractor Mania?

A few upgrades for the tractor

In the game, there will be a garage with some upgrade support for tractors such as Engine, gearbox, tires, boost,... These supports will be yours when you have enough gold to upgrade them.

Agricultural product delivery route
The road the farmer ran across was quite far. To get to the place of delivery of agricultural products, he had to pass through many houses, large trees with hip-colored foliage, giant windmills, straw mannequins,... The journey will consume a lot of fuel. That's why on the first screen. You should buy fuel in the garage. After that, will enter the game screen!

The agricultural products of the farmer are extremely rich. For example Peppers, radishes, white mushrooms, etc. Stand still at the starting warehouse and do not move so that the agricultural products fall behind the tractor. When you have enough agricultural products, start going. Just keep running straight to the finish line.

Tips of Tractor Mania

For higher levels will appear more steep ramps. Please slow down to avoid the case of agricultural products falling out. Or the car will overturn and the driver will be in danger of losing.


Use the ASWD keys or the arrow keys to move the tractor
Press Space to win the car
Press X gasoline