About Wordscapes


Wordscapes is a word game where you need to connect the available letters to have meaningful words. Remember some letters can create many words.    

Your vocabulary is quite great, come to Wordscapes and show it. In this game, you need to connect the letters to find out the meaningful words in each level. You have to create the number of words that are suitable to the number of squares. The game requires you to have good vocabulary. In each level, you can create many words with some letters. When you pass a level, you receive some coins. Then, you can use coins to get hints for the other levels. 

Are you a master of words? Try this game and you can learn some interesting words. Good luck and hope you have a great experience! 

Features of Workspaces 

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Easy to control 
  • Attractive backgrounds
  • Suitable for everyone 

How to control

  • Press and move your mouse to connect the letters