About X2 Block Match


X2 Block Match is a completely mathematical game. The game is a series of numbers with extremely simple calculations. That's the addition that everyone knows.

Develop your mathematical spirit. Complete the game. Quickly reach the highest score milestones. Go beyond your limits. X2 Block Match belongs to the genre of classic calculation games. It has been upgraded after many versions. To be able to get these graphics. The god of math will smile at you.

Easier calculations in the game

Basic Maths

The number boxes will have many different colors. Each color also represents different numbers. Only numbers with the same color will have the same number. The same numbers can + for each other and vice versa. This also represents the multiplier that exists within each number.

There will be set milestones set for you. When you reach this milestone, there will be another higher milestone. Beat the milestones and don't let the numbers fill the game and get close to you. You may lose if you skip it.


  • Colorful appeal to all ages.
  • Enhanced computing power.
  • Predict the results for all math problems


Control with the mouse to let the bricks fall

How to play