About Zrist DX


Hello to all of our friends who have decided to visit us again here on our website. You'll enter a world where everything is black and white in the thrilling new online game Zrist DX. Black and white cube represents your character, who must travel today. You'll need to assist the hero in completing the route. A cube will slowly accelerate as it slides along the pavement in front of you on the screen. Observe the screen closely. Your hero will encounter red blocks in their journey. You'll have to have your character jump in order to get to them. As a result, your hero will soar overhead and cross the fence. If you don't have enough time to respond, the cube will run into an obstruction. The cube will die as a result, and you will lose the round in Zrist DX.



X or Left Click to Jump.

C or Right Click to Slide.


Touch Right to Jump.

Touch Left to Slide.