About Princess Power Bug Dress Up


Princess Power Bug Dress Up gives you the chance to use the mouse in order to effectively dress up this wonderful little bug princess from the fantastic world of nature and veggies.

This wonderful dress up work and challenge gives you the opportunity to choose up from the bottom side of the game screen the appropriate dress up articles, various stylish kinds of arrangements, and garments for the princess, in order to make her look like a true queen.

How to play

Your goal is to give her the appearance of a monarch. At the beginning of the game, the princess Power Bug appears to be rather simple. However, you can change her into such a lovely and so nice butterfly by using the mouse to select the clothes and also the decorations like some wings and this sort of particular details for her, from the appropriate location. You can alter the color of this princess' eyes, add new elements like a new hairstyle, and choose some incredibly cool and beautiful outfits for her to wear.

I wish you the best of success and hope that you find the motivation to pay close attention to the specifics, be inspired, and ensure that you may restart at any moment if you believe that you can't figure out enough about how to handle the situation!

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  • Colors, attractive sounds.
  • New image
  • The game stimulates brain for children to recognize colors quickly.
  • Easy to play without spending too much time


Use the mouse