About Dr Panda Airport


Dr Panda Airport is a game about traveling with cute animals. Flights are all supported by the Panda airline team. Follow their instructions.

There are many kinds of animals in the game such as hippos, monkeys, dairy cows, etc. They are all on their way to panda airport to make their dream trip. However, the procedures at the airport are quite cumbersome. Please help them complete these procedures.

Learn the game

What should you do at the airport?

Start with a simple check-in. Please queue in turn to the check-in area to confirm the information of each passenger. We need to choose the stamps corresponding to the signature of each type of animal required. For example Hippo with square carpentry, dairy cow with star-shaped carpentry, etc. And the work continues until the check-in job is completed. The flight will take off after check-in is complete

After that, we will come to the baggage check. Please put your luggage in the scanner and go through the passenger scanning column to check. All phones with other metal items should be left in the basket. Let the airport staff check for you.

There are many steps to manipulate other procedures. You can discover this when you join the game. Play a few more games for even more fun:

How to play

Use the mouse to control the animals in the game and perform other operations.