About Fantasy Forest


Fantasy Forest is a game of choosing the same fruits. This is too simple for us. Just have similar image recognition skills. You will win based on this skill.

The fruits are attractive and delicious. Including beautiful and elegant flowers. They are showing up in the Fantasy Forest game you are trying out.

Game Info

Observe and select rows of similar fruit. The calculation in the game is extremely important. When the falling fruits must be in your control. If there are no more rows of the same fruit, use the help rights above. It will help you to overcome difficulties.

The level of difficulty in the game can only be discerned by the player. But don't be so discouraged that you give up. Let our brains work logically. That is extremely good. Or you can participate in other games with different difficulties such as:

Features of Fantasy Forest

  • Various kinds of fruits and berries
  • Calculation is not simple that can only exist in this game
  • Very special graphics


Use the mouse to play the game